Wednesday, January 11, 2012

                             Love ... Love ...and more Love

I thought that when the Holiday Season was over things would settle down in my life but, we are 11 days into the New Year and my head is still spinning.

It's all about balance and when I take a minute to sit back and reflect there is absolutely no reason for  me to even squeak out one teeny tiny little complaint about my life.

My family has grown this past year with the addition of two absolute blessings.
The first one was my sweet  "Storey".
I will admit that it took me a few months to get used to having another 'title' added to: mom, daughter, sister, friend, aunt and hey you:)
Gramma is the sweetest sound to my ears right now and when Storey starts saying it I'm sure I will be only to willing to give her whatever her little heart desires :)
That love has no boundaries.

And on New Years Eve my son married the love of his life.

I had the honor of welcoming her into our family.

In our hearts and minds she was already one of us ... the ceremony made it official.
I doubt there is anything more that a parent could ask for then to see their child married to the person they love and respect.  
In this world with all of the turmoil and upset of so many values it is a blessing to know that love still reigns true.

And so here we are ... 2012.

My family has grown ... 
My love has grown ...

I am blessed and have no reason to utter even a teeny tiny squeaky complaint.

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