Thursday, April 7, 2011


I found my way into blogland about two years ago and it was one of the best things that I have ever allowed myself to take the time to explore.

Having a blog was something I wanted to do ... I really truly did ... and so I tried.  And then I tried again.  They say that the third time can be the charm ...

The other thing that I read alot about or heard many times in the world of bloggers was to just "start" ... post something, anything and go from there. 

Here I am. 

The very first blog I came across - and I can't remember how or why...was  and from there I just kept travelling and travelling and eventually I became a brave girl

I have recently ventured so far as to actually leave comments and submit a canvas or two so in my mind there is no turning back now!
I have a long way to go but, I am so excited about finally committing to this and I invite you along on the journey that can only lead to even better things.

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