Thursday, May 19, 2011


Can you tell I love playing around with colors?  
Eventually I will decide on which one works best for posting but until then
it will be like opening a new box of crayons each time!!

I have wracked my brain about what to write in a post ...
What will sound witty and charming and intelligent?
And then I came across this...

"Belief is the vehicle through which power manifests"

Allen Cohen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)


I have decided to believe and I am hoping my power will manifest itself in the
form of a Maserati !

Now, there is a small chance that won't happen anytime soon
 so my Plan B is to 
write on my blog and to share on my blog and to know that
what I have to say will be my 'power' to 
move forward in this journey.

Whether you're power manifests itself in the form of a Maserati or a 
lime green BMW van remember this:

YOU are all the power you need!!

I have created a new Tuckaway that says, very simply

I wish I knew how to take this
and turn it into one word "here"
I don't know that yet so I will use my 
Power and figure it out!! (soon)

use your Power!



  1. LOVE your Power heart!!! I hope you get that fancy car some day!!!

  2. The best to you with your Tuckaway Hearts Peggy!! Keep blogging!!!

  3. How about the word "here" inside the little heart? Thanks for the chance to give away a tuck away. trisha at gvtc dot com

  4. Wonderful Words! Can't wait to see where you go! Thank you for the lovely chance to win a beautiful heart!

  5. I received my first heart this week. I love it! I love the little details you added and LOVE how quickly you filled the order, followed through, etc. Thanks Peggy! Best of luck!

  6. how to add a link to your words in a post... when u are writing your post in blogger.. simply highlight the text... then click the little thing in the dashboard that looks like a paper clip... click on that and put in your link addr.. done! It's so easy! xo hugs hope that helps!