Saturday, May 28, 2011


I had the pleasure of a lifetime this past long weekend (Victoria Day in Canada) when I spent 3 glorious days here

I photographed all of the Inukshuks that I came across in my walks and hikes on the property.
I even left one of my own behind ... it's the one in the lower left corner of the collage

 We stayed in the "River Room" ... 
 This was the view from the foot of the bed when you opened your eyes in the morning ....
And this was the 'sweat lodge' that sat a few feet from the base of the River Room.
I have never experienced a sweat lodge session but, it was interesting to observe the 
occupants when they did emerge (a couple of times) from within.

This is one of the two teepees that sit on the land . 
 Our 'neighbors' were 6 beautiful women who gathered for the weekend to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of their own.

The glacier fed falls were example of the strength of Mother Nature.
The outdoor shower I experienced was done in cold water that rivalled that of this glacier!!!

Walking this labyrinth was one of the highlights of my weekend. 
 It offered clarity and validation and peace and serenity.

I have so many more great photos to share but, I don't want to bore you to tears so I will continue this 'journey' soon and hope that you will come along with me to see the rest of what our Mother Earth has to 
offer if only we stop and listen and look and receive.


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